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Problems with DISQUS moderation

neebneeb Posts: 4,467
I'm having problems with moderation of my comments on articles on the main BR pages by DISQUS and/or BR. I've just had a long post blocked by DISQUS because it was "detected as spam", when clearly it is nothing of the sort (neither does it contain anything offensive). Another follow-up post has apparently not been flagged as spam but remains invisible. This happened to me once before and I was told by DISQUS that these spam detections are automatic and should be reversed by BR. When the comment hadn't been reinstated several days later I attempted to contact you about it (twice) and received no reply. This time I am taking a different approach by contacting you here.

1) Can you please ensure that if DISQUS flags comments as potential spam that this is reversed immediately by BR staff when it is inappropriate?

2) If comments are to be permanently blocked, can you ensure that the posters receive an explanation for this, through DISQUS if necessary?

The thread I am talking about is here, and I am posting under "Neil". ... 3260112032


  • Hi neeb,

    We have automatic spam filters in place to protect our readers from any malware etc. These filters will not be changed anytime soon I'm afraid.

    Any posts that are flagged or held as pending need to be approved manually by a human, therefore it is impossible to approve these posts immediately.

    Again, due to the amount of posts that are deleted, we cannot provide an explanation for each individual case.

    If you have any specific posts that you have queries on, please drop me an email to josh.evans@immediate dot co dot uk and I will endeavour to reply.


    BikeRadar Communities Manager
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