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BikePark Wales Easter Ride Report w/GoPro Footage

sprinter2012sprinter2012 Posts: 88
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Last time I went it was misty, cloudy, cold and generally miserable weather. The trails were damp, and my gears kept going out of sync because the rear QR axle kept coming loose.

This time the skies were blue, the clouds were sparse, the trails were dusty and my freshly upgraded/fettled bike performed like a dream! No offs, no skipping gears, no shifters falling off and going through the front wheel like at Aston Hill last weekend. Just 2 days of pure riding bliss!

Only slight pain was that my dropper was getting a bit sticky, but as I had it in the 'down' position for everything except pootling from the uplift bus to the trails, no big deal! Anyway, onto the fun bits...

View from the trail top, b..e..a..uuutiful!


And no bike trip is complete without a shot of your bike looking wistfully off into the distance!


Got home yesterday afternoon and washed/lubed the bike, then threw together this highlight reel in Adobe Premiere Pro. All shot on 1080p 60fps one of the BPW GoPro Hero5s (settings in the YouTube description if anyone wants to compare notes).

Click link, picture is just for show:
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