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TT every week, which interval session?

BozabykaBozabyka Posts: 252
I am planning to ride the club TT each week until the end of August.
As I am racing I only intend to do one other interval type session per week.
I would do three but am under the impression it might be excessive.
I have looked at a few training plans and they say drop an interval session if you are to race that particular week. However they have not said what to do if you are racing every week.
If I am to do one interval session per week should I concentrate on completing ?
V02 max, threshold or sub threshold intervals? I have considered rotating them each week which may help with increasing intensity throughout a training block?
Does the ten mile timetrial replicate a particular kind of interval session which may be best avoided so not to duplicate training efforts?


  • super_davosuper_davo Posts: 1,047
    The advice for tapering off training in advance of a big race is sound - but if your club TTs are just 10s there is no real point. They are way too short to need your body's glycogen stores topped up to the max (main benefit of tapering) and way too short to stress your body enough to cut of most of your training for the rest of the week.
    I just treat my club TTs as a training session and train normally on other days. I might go easy on the day before but that's about it.
    My advice is listen to your body. If you can't move the next day, then go easy. If you feel strong go for it. If you are doing it every week then you will soon find a routine that works for you.
  • JoshgavJoshgav Posts: 158
    You could try using an HRV app like Elite HRV which should help identify if you are overtraining. Then you can continue to ride 3/4 times a week includingthe 10mile TT.
  • joey54321joey54321 Posts: 1,297
    My 2p would be to back up the evening TT with a decent tempo session the day after (3 x10-15 mins or so), a couple of longer rides at the weekend and progress through the intensities as you go through the summer. So start with another tempo session, then VO2 max, then try something like tabata or 1 min intervals in 3-4 week 'blocks'.

    3 weeks of progressing sweetspot intervals (e.g. 3 x 10, 3 x 15, 2 x 20)
    1 week rest
    3 weeks of progressing VO2 max (e.g. 2 (2 x 4 mins), 3 (3 x 3 mins), 2 (2 x 5 mins))
    1 week rest
    3 weeks of progessing 1 min intervals (e.g. 2 (5 x 1 min on/off), 4 (4 x 1 min on/off), xxxx)

    Although a 10 mile TT isn't very good training it is quite fatiguing so I think you want to start the intervals on the 'easier' side and build up towards the VO2 max and harder type stuff. The important thing for a season long series like that is keeping the motivation and stop yourself stagnating.
  • BozabykaBozabyka Posts: 252
    cheers fellas
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