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Disc Brake adapter? Elite Qubo Power Fluid

TinRobotTinRobot Posts: 5
Hi - After a gap of over 25 years I would consider myself new to cycling. I have just bought myself a Cube Attain Pro which has disc brakes and allen key screws for the wheel.

I have also got a second hand Elite Qubo Power Fluid turbo trainer (so many barely used it would seem). This is yet to arrive however the bit I think I am missing is an adapter so that I can mount the bike. A bit frustrating.

I rang the UK distributor and they have confirmed an adapter exists but they don't deal with it and I need to go back to Elite. I have dropped them an email but hopefully some of you experts can help me find the solution a bit quicker.

Many thanks


  • TinRobotTinRobot Posts: 5
    Just for future reference I found the answer.

    Kinetic Traxle Fine T-2100 for £27 on Amazon
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