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Limitations of a 28c road tyre? Road surface?

imafatmanimafatman Posts: 351
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I just had a new bike built and LBS suggested some Padrone 28c tubeless tyres.

I am new to this kind of performance road tyre, previously having used some Scwalbe Marathon Plus tyres which are bulletproof and can be ridden basically anywhere with zero chance of puncture.

Do I need to be super worried if for example the road becomes a little dusty/gravelly? I'm gonna be riding in a very rural part of France and many of those roads are far from ideal.


  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    Prettttttty sure a tyre like that will handle 'dust'....

    As to gravel - again you'll be fine. Just watch corners with loose gravel as you would with all tyres.

    And watch Paris Roubaix to see how well tyres can cope with the rough stuff?
  • Man Of LardMan Of Lard Posts: 903
    I use SM+ on some pretty ropey so-called roads around here - loose gravel, mud, slurry - handles it all with aplomb.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    I commute of 28mm Conti Ultrasport II, my commute is on country roads that have been top dressed and a lot has come loose, very similar to French country roads in the North of France (southern Normandy across to Brittany type) with no issues at all.
    Currently riding a Whyte T130C, X0 drivetrain, Magura Trail brakes converted to mixed wheel size (homebuilt wheels) with 140mm Fox 34 Rhythm and RP23 suspension. 12.2Kg.
  • w00dsterw00dster Posts: 880
    28m tyre will be fine. I presume the wheels are tubeless ready and the bike shop will be setting this up for you? A lot of the guys on here are fans of the Scwalbe G-One, but this depends on whether your bike has room for a 35m tyre.
    If not, you may want to have a think about running tubeless tyres.
  • roger_merrimanroger_merriman Posts: 6,165
    Assuming your talking about punctures? Assuming it's set up tubeless and thus has sealent within reason (what folks report) seal most that makes its way though the tyre.

    Side wall slashes not so much! And vs A Marathon Plus which frankly laughs in face of nails/flints nuclear bombs you'll loose a some durability.

    This said the Padrone's should feel a lot nicer! Marathons are remarkable good on gravel and such but bar deep gravel 28mm should be fine!
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