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Muddy fox 1989 adventurer gear change issue

NialldblackNialldblack Posts: 4
edited April 2017 in MTB workshop & tech
Help I've got a muddy fox adventurer cromo 1989 everything works as it should except the left hand gear change the one that changes the 3 sprockets on the pedals it won't change between the middle one to the larger one. On the bars it moves happily between 1 and 2 but there is no back pressure when I try to change fro 2 to 3, I've checked and tightened the cable but I think the fault is in the gear change on the bars it's the thumb push type.
If I unscrew the gear change am I likely to have springs etc fly out
Thanks for any advice
Niall in


  • schmakoschmako Posts: 1,982
    No harm in opening it up for a look, just do it on a surface where you can spot anything falling off.

    Take the parts off one at a time and place in a line to put them back in the same order they came off.

    Also tried a new cable?

    Or just get a new shifter.
  • Thanks for advice Can you still get shifters for them it's 27 years old
  • mattyfezmattyfez Posts: 638
    I'd take the chain off first or at least drop the chain off the front rings and see if the lever moves the front mech properly without the chain being involved.

    Are the limit screws preventing it moving the full distance? Is the mech gunked up with crud?

    Failing that disconnect the cable from the front mech and hold the cable tight in one hand whilst shifting through the 3 positions, it should pull or slacken respectively through each click.

    That said it does kinda sound like a busted shifter if there's no pressure when shifting to the largest ring.

    If you know what model shifter it is or at least the make, it will help, but it should be a cheap fix whatever it is, it's just identifying exactly what's broken.
  • Thanks it's soaking in wd40 at the moment apparently the dogs stick in. I'm learning this as I go along ive been on motorbikes and old shotguns for years but high Iblood pressure has driven me to exercise just can't help but fiddle with old stuff
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