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Sektor forks clunking noise - now with video

ade555ade555 Posts: 216
edited April 2017 in MTB workshop & tech

I have done lowers quick service and forks have developed clunking noise when compressing, most of the time happens when at 3/4 travel, so had to striped them again to investigate, in pictures you can see what is creating this clunking noise, I compressed the shaft few times and what happens is that part moves towards inside then when you let the shaft go it drops and make a clunk.

Forks didn't have that noise before, so what have I done???




  • ade555ade555 Posts: 216
    edited April 2017
    Still trying to work it out why I have that clunk, so made a little video, should explain bit better
  • ade555ade555 Posts: 216
    All sorted now, had to add another o-ring to air shaft guide, why does it feels like the air assembly is to short about 1mm?
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