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Please tell me which bike to buy

PFort99PFort99 Posts: 2
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I'm a good swimmer and a novice/rookie at road biking and want to get into triathlons. I'd like a good entry level bike to get into the sport. I' have only ever ridden walmart type of bikes. Can you please tell me which bike is the best out of these and why: ... er=product $600 CAD ... derway=asc $700 CAD ... er=product $899 ... a-7-49978/ $929 CAD ... 7292-1.htm $789

This is all I can afford right now. Can you please rank these in order of best to worst? The $899 Svelte RR has 105 components but apparently the frame isn't as good as the CAAD8.

Please advise!

Thank you so much!



  • letap73letap73 Posts: 1,608
    First thing to do is to go into your local bike shop and see what is available there and what they can do for you. It is not so much the case of what bike you should buy but what bike fits - you can go on the internet and buy the "best bike" for the money but if it does not fit properly then you will be put off from cycling.
    Once you have spoken to the people in the local bike shop, then I would suggest you come back and discuss potential options.
  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    ...and listing the bikes rather than a series of links always works better when it comes to getting responses. Most folks would have no intention of clicking through half a dozen weblinks just to work out what your shortlist is.
  • frozefroze Posts: 194
    Of the bikes you showed this is your best deal: the Sevlto RR This is the only bike you showed that comes with Shimano 105 which is two steps up from Sora that all the other bikes are using. 105 is extremely reliable groupset with reasonable weight, and according to several LBS mechanics and owners I spoke to 105 is more reliable than Ultegra or especially Dura Ace. And considering it's $30 less than the most expensive bike that only comes with Sora for me it's a non-brainer which bike to get.
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