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Specialized BG Cleat Wedges (for Speedplay)

pippi_langsamer-2pippi_langsamer-2 Posts: 1,430
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I need to shim one of my shoes/ cleats for a leg length descrep'. My current shoes (S-Works), are shimmed with standard Speedplay flat shim pack, but wondering whether to try the BG ones on my new pair of S-Works 6 shoes.

Does anyone know how thick the BG wedges are, and are they stackable to create the desired "stack", height?


  • sungodsungod Posts: 14,360
    shims and wedges are different things

    a shim is constant thickness

    a wedge is not constant thickness

    bg wedges are labelled 1.5 mm, the orange is thickest on the inside of the foot, in-line with the ball of the foot, yellow the thickest part is on the outside

    if you need to increase stack height to accommodate a leg length discrepancy, do it with a shim

    you can also get cleat wedges, i prefer these as they don't alter the fit of the shoe - i have wedges on both shoes, and a shim on one
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