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This is a long shot!

BojangleBojangle Posts: 63
OK fade back to early 2000's, some where in a MBUK mag was a picture of a riders foot resting on a pedal and on that ankle was a flame tattoo. I have no idea who's foot it was or who took the photo. I have looked through all my copies of MBUK and can't find anything, BUT.... i did have some missing issues!!! I did have a list of the missing issues but not sure if i've got it anymore........ :roll: i know!!!!
Any help would be marvelous!!


  • Hey, happy to ask the MBUK guys. But I'm not actually sure what you want to know?!
    BikeRadar Communities Manager
  • BojangleBojangle Posts: 63
    :roll: :oops: oh yeah forgot to say that part!!! I'm trying to find the pic to get the tattoo done on myself! It had a certain something that i've been unable to find or re-create anywhere else. I've been in touch with Steve Behr, he has drawn a blank also.
  • Will forward on to MBUK team and let you know if I hear anything.
    BikeRadar Communities Manager
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