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Any One Use American Classic or Miche Wheels

smmjrrsmmjrr Posts: 45
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Just looking for any feedback on the above wheels probably

American Classic 420 Areo 3

Miche SWR RC Clincher

Just looking for feedback from anyone that has these wheels many thanks


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,466
    Have been using classic victorys for 5 yrs and have only just replaced bearings after alot of abuse and miles. Mate swears by his 420s he does TT,s and triathlons on them. Never had to touch a spoke or anything so have been really happy with them.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • paul1000paul1000 Posts: 187
    Had the 420's they are very good wheels, put thousands of miles in them, a bit narrow by today's standards, very clever freehub design
  • Shuggy76Shuggy76 Posts: 91
    Have a pair of 2012 Aero 420s, haven't had any problems with them. Just recently replaced the bearings, as they're open cartridge ones, and suffer from the elements a little, but replacments ones only costs a couple of quid, so can't really complain.
    Agree on the freehub, good design, lightweight alu with little steel inserts which help prevent the cassette knurling up the freehub.
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  • PTestTeamPTestTeam Posts: 395
    I've had two summers with my Miche SWRs and I haven't had to touch them. They've been superb. Smooth, stiff and the braking with Swiss Stop Black Prince pads are near to aluminium rim standard
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