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M-Way Nighthawk Plus Towbar Bike Carrier - review

ade555ade555 Posts: 216
edited March 2017 in MTB general
This is my little review if anyone looking for towbar mounted bike carrier.

Purches from "Go outdoors" for £199.20, I was looking for cycle carrier that offers quick fitting with out any tools necessary, tilt function, locking clamps and resonable price tag, after viewing this one at local store and strugaling to find any review on line I decided to take a gamble and see what is like. ... er-p412477

Manufacture ... le-carrier

After quick assembly and adjustement to towbal mechanism all fited very good and don't have any side to side movment, main frame feels very solid, lights come with 13pin but 7 pin adapter included, black back panels feels very flimsy would like to see bit more reinforcment specialy at the bottom part, it has good clamps, longer clamp bolts supplyed for wide frame tubes but very anoying adjustment to lossen clamps to move from left to right and you will stragle to do this with bike in place, tilt function works good which offers good boot access, fitted our 3 bike but not sure if you would get away with 3 full suspension bikes. Overal very happy with purchase and now can take the family out is well bit further away for bike ride.



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