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Decisions: Hightower/Stumpjumper/Fuel EX8

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Hey everyone, Kansas City native looking to make the jump from a hardtail 29er to my first full suspension trail bike and would love any feedback on the bikes I’ve listed below. Apologies if these have been discussed..

I’ve narrowed it down to 3 (really 2) bikes and am eager to hear what everyone thinks on the setups. Aside from spending a few minutes on each in the shop parking lot, tracking down a demo in my area has been near impossible. Looking to stay around 3K, debating 29er vs 27.5+ and mostly ride the KC area trails but also look to get out to Colorado/NW Arkansas when I can.

Santa Cruz Hightower (Unicorn.. above my price range w/ lower specs =( so really looking at the next 2)

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp

Trek Fuel EX 8

I’m leaning towards the 27.5+ setup and like that they can all roll 29er as well if I end up with buyer’s remorse. If anyone’s had the opportunity to sit any of these on the trail I’d love to catch your breakdown on their differences. Thx


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    Links help. This is mainly a UK forum, and so prices are not comparable, and spec can differ from country to country.

    Bikes are generally more expensive here.
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