What bike to buy for a newbie

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Hallo bikeradarforum :) I am looking to buy a new bike and I warten to get some advice from you.
Until now I mainly used my bike to get to work and back, and in the summer for some trips. I never looked into buyinng bikes, my last one was a used one of a good friend and I used it for 9 years until it got stolen.
I think about getting a fitness bike because i will Use it to commute to Work in the city and its easier for me with a flat bar.

My price range is up to 1800 Euro =1900 Dollar, but really if there is something much better at offer for a bitte morgen or less I would not say no, likewise if there is something nealy as good for 1500 I would be happy to buy ;)

I want to go biking on one-day trips on the road, maybe sometimes I would have to go on gravel for short periods of time as well. I would also use it to go to work, so something with the possibility to add fenders and maybe light would be nice.

I have been looking at some bikes allready. I tried this one: https://www.specialized.com/ch/de/men/b ... bon/118220 which feels quite good.

I also have been considering one of these: https://www.purecycling.ch/fitness/road ... l-8-0.html and https://www.purecycling.ch/fitness/road ... l-6-0.html (it is essentialy a Canyon bike, they just cant call it Canyon in Switzerland)

What is your opinion? Valuewise, which one would be better? one of the Canyon/Purecycling or the Specialized? Or something entirely different?

Thank you in advance for any help/Information


  • Guten abend Hanno!

    I'm pretty new to cycling myself, and I may be biased, but I don't think you can go wrong with a Specialized.

    I ride an Allez Sport to work and back every day, and a bit further at weekends, and it's been a strong, reliable bike. I've had a crash on it, and it only needed a minor repair, and now I've given it a few upgrades it's a bike I'll be riding for many years.

    I'd think most of Specialized's bikes are of the same quality, and if you found it comfortable, then that's a big plus!