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BBRight shell with SRAM: PF30 or GXP cranks?

munkstermunkster Posts: 819
edited March 2017 in Road buying advice
I'm on the verge of building up a new bike with a BBRight BB shell and I'm transferring a Force 22 groupset over but the chainset I have is GXP.

Is there any real-world disadvantage to using the GXP chainset (I would get a WheelsMfg BB that allows this) in a 46mm shell versus getting a PF30 version of the chainset and use the appropriate WheelsMfg for that standard?

My research suggests the Force 22 chainset will work so that's not the issue, but does seem like a minor bodge, so assuming both do "work" are 30mm crank spindles that much better in use than 24mm (ie. GXP?) or am I creating work (and expense) for myself unnecessarily?


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