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cycle locks

jeremy1jeremy1 Posts: 71
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Ok you couldn't make this up.

I was in Halfords looking at Topeak bags when my son and I began listening to an idiot LOUDLY complaining to staff that his bike had been stolen. And being quite rude.

He had a £400 mountain bike stolen, the reason is that the bike lock he had bought (I later asked the staff, HE had bought it but not asked advice on what to buy) had been pulled apart.

DUH he had locked his bike with THIS, honestly. Are people really this stupid.

I have just got our teo bikes ready for summer with Abus Granite X locks

He bought this, I wouldn't use it for a helmet ... k-with-key


  • Lol 1/10 security rating, at least it wasn't pretending to be a good lock.

    My brother bought a combination lock on ebay, and after opening the package it fell off the table onto the floor and broke in half.
  • Jal_Jal_ Posts: 49
    I have something like this to use when I can literally see my bike from where I am sitting. What planet was this guy on?
  • jeremy1jeremy1 Posts: 71
    Really happened he was quite rude to staff.

    What made me also laugh a few years back when I was in Dartmoor Cycles where my bike was built, another idiot lost £2k of bikes from the back of his open mitsubishi thing, one of those car/open back things, why, "We didn't lock them because my sons were in the car" ASLEEP
  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,490
    You could ask why Halfords would sell such a lock as a bike lock - it's clearly not up to the job - £5 would buy a suitcase lock and I'd trust that the same (actually - I do when I go to the pub - rural location) .. at least the suitcase lock doesn't look like it would hold ...

    On the subject of not locking your bike - visiting a local gardens place over the weekend - ppl leaving their expensive bikes out the front, out of sight - unlocked ... that's trusting!
  • tangled_metaltangled_metal Posts: 3,993
    At work they lock their bikes up with locks and some actually say proudly they bought theirs for £3 from wilkos or similar. Others just don't lock their bike up. That's after two getting nicked under everyone's eyes. Two people actually watched the guy walk out pushing the two bikes!

    Idiots! At least it gives my bike a better chance, i use a silver rated Hiplock chain.
  • jeremy1jeremy1 Posts: 71
    We use gold sold assured Abus granites but to be honest

  • Man Of LardMan Of Lard Posts: 903
    My going in point re:locks is to have a better one than everyone else whose bikes I lock my bike near... That way the crim should go for the easier target. (He'd also have to be rather tall to reach the pedals, bars and saddle simultaneously)
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