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Riding Flanders

XherdanXherdan Posts: 48
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I'm going to Flanders for the RVV and am bringing my bike hoping to ride some of the climbs the day before the pro race. My friend and I didn't get spots on the sportive (only booked this in last 2 weeks) and won't be in the area until around midday Saturday.
Are the climbs still open to the public or sportive only? Looking at doing 4 or 5 south of Oudenaarde, North of Ronse after riding over from Zwevegem.


  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    AFAIK the roads aren't closed - but there are marshals that will direct you away if you're not displaying the right colour sportive label.

    The ones south of Oudenaarde are quite late on in the course - so will still have plenty of riders around - I ended up walking up two last year due to volume of riders.

    You'd probably get through any marshals as there are enough riders around for one or two to slip through - not sure you'd gain anything by it though.
  • philbar72philbar72 Posts: 2,228
    There are marshals everywhere and I think this year after last years fatality, there will be more marshalls than before.

    The 2 climbs that always gridlock up are the Koppenberg and Paterberg, and they are also marshalled at the top and bottom. I’d say the muur, would be less gridlocked as its not part of the drinkers course. maybe head towards gerardsbegen and then see how you go?
  • XherdanXherdan Posts: 48
    Fwiw, we decided to go south and ride Carrefour de l'Arbre and another 3 or 4 nearby sections of Pavé then rode to Kortrijk, dropped off our bags and rode on to the Kwaremont. As you say, it's all marshalled off and even some armed police. You could probably sneak on but it's not worth it. We got some frites then rode up the Kruisberg once the crowds had died down a little (no marshalls there). Great weekend.
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