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PTP -- E3 Harelbeke 2017 -- Friday 24th March



  • RichjRichj Posts: 240
    Sagan please
  • TheBigBeanTheBigBean Posts: 16,177
    The lazy choice....Sagan please.
  • ocdupalaisocdupalais Posts: 4,009
  • spam02spam02 Posts: 178
    GVA for me please
  • inseineinseine Posts: 5,785
  • cruffcruff Posts: 1,518
    GVA please
    Fat chopper. Some racing. Some testing. Some crashing.
    Specialising in Git Daaahns and Cafs. Norvern Munkey/Transplanted Laaandoner.
  • Mad_MalxMad_Malx Posts: 4,591
    Gilbert please
  • I'll go with yer man Greg Van Avermaet please
  • Greg Van Avermaet please
  • sageflysagefly Posts: 295
    Caleb Ewen please
    Turned out nice again!
  • archieboyarchieboy Posts: 1,077
    Peter Sagan

  • Sagan please
    S-Works Venge, Ultegra DI2, Carbon Clinchers
    Moda Stretto, Force Groupset, American Classic Carbon 58`s

    Whyte Suffolk, Hydro Disks

    Tommasini Super Prestige Full Campagnolo C/W Delta`s
  • FCE2007FCE2007 Posts: 863
    FCE2007 wrote:
    Tom Boonen please.


    Could I change my pick to Niki Terpstra please.

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  • kellarkellar Posts: 236
    Peter Sagan please
  • orraloonorraloon Posts: 9,935
    Greg van Avermaet pls
  • gregster04gregster04 Posts: 1,435
    Peter SAGAN for me too please
  • RonBRonB Posts: 3,984
    Peter Sagan please
  • twotoebennytwotoebenny Posts: 1,166
    Terpstra pls
  • ContrelaMontreContrelaMontre Posts: 3,027
    Greg Van Avermaet

    Rule No.10 // It never gets easier, you just go faster
  • niknak1niknak1 Posts: 528
    Zdenek Stybar
  • dish_dashdish_dash Posts: 5,325
    GVA ta
  • Peter Sagan for me please.
  • rick_chaseyrick_chasey Posts: 61,001 Lives Here
  • ducknumber1ducknumber1 Posts: 1,041
    Greg Van Avermaet please, thanks.
  • imatfaalimatfaal Posts: 2,716
    Peter Sagan please
  • red.riderred.rider Posts: 726
    Results are here.

    Honorable mention to those who avoided the majority choices and scored points: Mad_Malx, TTHR, and Flâneur.
  • m.r.m.m.r.m. Posts: 2,601
    My PTP Man Vanmarcke shat the bed as was to be expected of a Vaughters United rider... :(
    PTP Champion 2019
  • gweedsgweeds Posts: 2,400
    M.R.M. wrote:
    My PTP Man Vanmarcke shat the bed as was to be expected of a Vaughters United rider... :(

    Went from good to really bad in #E3Harelbeke. Trowing up all the time in final. We decided I don't start in Gent-W & I try to get healthy. ... 4614075392
    Napoleon, don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with babes all day. Besides, we both know that I'm training to be a cage fighter.
  • m.r.m.m.r.m. Posts: 2,601
    I really like him as a rider, but I think as a classics rider without a sprint it seems pretty much impossible to win a race without incredible team support in the current state of racing. Pretty much only Quick Step has a team of that strength (in theory) to be able to alternate attacks to finally break away and be able to solo.

    Also with certain athletes there is always some excuse. Punctures, crashes, illnesses etc. etc.
    They will downgrade from team to team as more and more people lose belief, but they will always still retain the pro contract. Would love to see him breaking through, but I wonder if he ever will.
    PTP Champion 2019
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