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Looking for Tandem(in-line) bike Trailer for kids

D MaxD Max Posts: 11
I love my Thule Chariot CX1 and now that we are expecting our second soon I'm looking for a similar set up. When I take the trailer I often go around town to shop and convert it to stroller mode in-between the rider to and from home. The CX2 or almost any side by side double trailer wouldn't fit in the stores around here and it would be a pain, mostly if I have to carry two kids and what ever we are buying in and out of each shop. So I was hopping to find a tandem bike trailer (kids are one behind the other) instead but no luck. The closest I found is a discontinued model that wouldn't convert into a stroller easily (Tanjor Aero inline 2-seater trailer).

Anyone seen a in-line/tandem bike trailer?
If I don't find one I though about starting to see if I couldn't make one myself. Anyone have some suggestions? I know it could be complex and I might not have all the skill, tool and material but I doesn't hurt to try.

I really like the idea to have the trailer until the youngest is over 12 months and would be nice to just have the kids in one trailer for quick in and out of the shops. I'm not a big fan of side by side (to wide and would be nice for them both to have elbow room).
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