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Which shoes and pedals

vince133vince133 Posts: 61
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I am looking to replace my shoes and change from SPD to SPD SL as I am increasing my mileage this year. I have found 2 possible pairs of shoes and was looking for any personal views/opinions on which to buy. I have tried them both on and both appear to fit well. ... e-EV285778

Any views on which pedal system also appreciated. Time/look or Shimano.

Any help appreciated. Haven't used SPD SL system before, I've researched pro,s and cons and think it will suit me on longer rides.


  • vince133vince133 Posts: 61
    Any other shoe suggestions would also be appreciated.
  • shing83shing83 Posts: 61
    Hard to advise on what shoes you should buy as it's a personal thing and dependent on the shape of your foot. For reference, I use Lake CX237 which I bought used from eBay. I bought it mostly because of the supple upper and wide-ish fit. This mean the upper would wrap around my foot, which meant the shoe adapted to my feet as opposed to the other way around, and the wide-ish fit meant I got no hotspots on the sole of my feet. Best thing to do if possible is to try and buy from your lbs.
  • daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 11,430
    Shoes are a very personalo thing - my advice would be to order a handful of likely makes that fall within your budget, and then return the ones you don't get on with - choose somewhere with free returns if you are going this route, OR somewhere with a physical shop where you can return them for free, such as Halfords, Evans, etc etc

    Mavic, Diadora, and Sidi are my personal faves - my foot shape does not get on with Shimano.

    Same with pedals really - I have SPD-SL on my turbo bike, purely because I bought a set and wanted to use them, but on my other bikes I have Look pedals.
    6 of 1, half a dozen of another.

    All I would say, is if you are going to walk any distance, get some cleat covers, they don't wear in the same way as SPD!
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  • darkhairedlorddarkhairedlord Posts: 7,180
    shoes that fit. Buy shoes that fit.
  • vince133vince133 Posts: 61
    Thanks for your replies. I will be doing the rounds and trying on and purchasing from a local bike shop. I will add the RC 7,s to my potential list. Thanks again.
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