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Experience with Magellan Cyclo GPS units?

tyw214tyw214 Posts: 52
edited March 2017 in Road general
I am in the market for some GPS units, and saw these HEAVILY discounted Magellan units on amazon...

The Magellan Cyclo 315 is only $99.99 which seems like a steal as it was original MSRP'd at 300+... I wanted a GPS navigation unit (don't need all the fancy stuff), so I was thinking about the Garmin Touring, but these seems to be more robust than the Touring, and less expensive... are there serious problems with these Magellan or something? ... B00KT7DO5M


  • stevie63stevie63 Posts: 481
    I had a cyclo 305 but after just over a year it went off one day and wouldn't switch back on.

    It used to have some annoying bugs like freezing up on longer rides. Also updates were very infrequent compared to other gps units. It was a shame because the hardware seemed good but was let down by the software.

    However I note it's only another 9 bucks to add 3 year cover so that would help if the unit ever bricked.

    I am assuming your in the us though otherwise I would avoid.
  • dannbodgedannbodge Posts: 995
    I had a 105 for about a year and also bought my OH one.

    My 105 went wrong once, where it messed up the wheel size and flipped the screen. A factory reset sorted that out.

    Apart from that it was reliable, easy to use and just a nice little unit.

    The software was probably the hardest thing to use, but even that wasn't difficult.
  • tyw214tyw214 Posts: 52
    Just got my Cyclo 315 yesterday, and tested it today to work. Seems to work fine as a nice navigation unit at the very least O_O it came with a heart/cadence stuff (but i don't even need that)...

    Took about 30min for all the update and maps. The updated to a 2015 june version of OSM and TA Map. I'd like a more recent map.... Anybody know if it's possible to upload your own OSM map to the Magellan units, and instruction to do it?

    So far, I think for $100 this is quite a deal o_o....

    Link again for those interested. $99.99 for the units only, and for $10 more you get a cadence sensor and HR sensor. ... =cyclo+315
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