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Tuneable short suspension fork

edited March 2017 in MTB buying advice
Looking for a highly-tuneable short suspension fork for a 23" 2010 Fisher Hifi Deluxe 29er. The bike still has the original Fox F29 32 fork with 100mm of travel and 51mm offset. I would very much like to increase the stiffness of the fork whether it be from bigger stanchions or via a 15 or 20mm axle. As it is, I can feel my fork flexing on technical trails and it's prone to poor tracking on sharp curves at higher speed. According to everything I've read, the axle to crown measurement of the fork is 510mm. I initially thought that I needed more travel, but I think that having something with more tune-ability will better serve my needs. I do like to jump and hit small drops (nothing over 3-4 feet), but I've already had to replace the top out spring in my fork due to breakage during a poorly executed drop. I'm not brand loyal. I'm 6'05", 210lbs ready to ride. My favorite trails are those that are fast and flowy, but my local trails are more along the lines of technical with lot's of rocky stuff - Austin, TX to be exact. Thanks for any help.


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