First road bike help

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I started MTB at the beginning of last May but I haven't been out on my bike since the end of November due to losing my riding partner and not really having the knowledge to go out alone. I've recently found a local cycling club who are mostly road based (although a few also MTB) and have decided to get a road bike. My employer does the ride to work scheme which gives me a budget of £1000 to be used at evans cycles. The plan is to not only ride with the club but also do some of the evans sportives because I would get free entry, at least 2 of these would be on the MTB. Using the evans bike guide it seems an endurance bike would be my best option and I have currently got 4 on my list. The Scott specifications are incorrect on the evans site as it had tiagra gears like the others and the pinnacle is slightly over budget but is the only one with hydraulic discs, it's also the only one available straight away but that won't be a deciding factor. What I know about bikes could be written on a postage stamp and still leave space so I could really do with some help on whether any of my choices are in fact any good and also other options that I may not have considered?