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LVRC: Hog Hill, 19.03.2017

ToksToks Posts: 1,143
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Hmmm! My first gap closing effort of the season certainly got the pain receptors in my left Achilles all fired up as I gasped in chunks of cold air like one of those craggy old snapping turtles. Finally, Sshit just got real!! This was definitely not another virtual tempo ride (live from my kitchen) up the Sa Colabra with the Slipstreamer boys. Nope this was an organic cycling experience in every sense of the word: fifty odd blokes on posh bikes, riding their old hearts out and getting buffeted all other the Hog Hill Race Circuit by a brutal and gnarly wind. In such conditions I was a bit wary, first time on the new race steed (Cervelo S5). Over cautious riding at anytime probably comes at a cost. Did you say you need an extra lap practice, Sir? That will be you in dead last position on the start line then.

I reminded myself to spin a bit more coz of the Achiles niggle and hoped I didn’t have to do too many more reptilian type breathing impressions. Nevertheless there were a lot of race heads out today so I would have to bide my time for a bit in the bunch. Even those hardcore training nutters Regents Park Rouleurs had a guy in the race. It took 5 or 6 laps to get up to the front. By that time The Power Lord AKA Cyclos Uno’s Antony Wallis had already acquired a few associates (Martin Jones, Colour Tech & Tomasz Chmielewaki, Finchley) and they were all diligently getting about their business some half a lap ahead of us.

I went with a few promising moves which were either compromised by the blustery conditions or perhaps mismatch alliances. Nevertheless props must go to the fella in that stripey pink combo. God loves a good tryer and so do I 8) 3..2..1 BOOM I'm out of his slipstream and instantly away with Phil Hersey from Eagle RC. What, 20 secs @ 600 watts? Maybe? who cares! From then on things were pretty much a formality. Phil and I stayed 20-30 secs ahead of the bunch – taking turns - probably 60/40 in Phil's favour. The power lord was kind enough to say ‘Hi’ when he eventually came around to lap us with 3 to go. I surged going up the drag on the bell lap and that was enough to gap Phil. I eventually bagged 4th overall; 1st in my cat. Big thanks to another great race put on by the LVRC. Nice to finally get off that bloody Kurt Kinetic in my kitchen.I hope you all have a good safe racing season. See you when the sun comes back. :D


  • Yes great race, I guess your referring to me Steve Coxshall from CASP Racing Team "pink combo race kit"after 3 laps out front on my Todd then a few more attempts on my own the tough winds took the effort I made hard on my own so ended up chasing down break aways for my mate Justin from Regent Park Roulers to stay away
    I'm pleased I broke away last lap from bunch to take 4th in my cat and 9th overall. Nice big field and good race to see whose doing what before it comes down to the races that matter.
    Sadly by the time Mr Wallis caught me those 3 laps at the start on my jack Todd I simply need to recover back in the pack for a lap before being able to power the power back in my old legs!! great power from Anthony!!
    Well down to every one and for the organisers of a great race in tough conditions
    Cocky " Steve Coxshall" CASP Racing " bright pink stripe kit"!!!
  • ToksToks Posts: 1,143
    Steve, well done mate. You were very strong. LVRC rides I gonna be pretty spicey this year with so many strong guys around. Maybe we'll collectively give Mr Wallis a run for his money. Well Steve I can see we're both gonna stand out in these races for obvious reasons :wink: - see you on the start line very soon. :D
  • Thanks mate - yes it's so great seeing so many strong riders and more better seeing a great standard of good race craft and respect for each other very refreshing;) it will be a great season and Mr Wallis watch out we are all coming to get you!! Haha
    His one amazing strong rider;) let's see
    Once again well done to everyone and great to see a great turn out. See you in a few weeks fella
    Thanks and well done mate
  • Hope you enjoyed tonight mate! God wyndymillat geezer is the most lazy rider in the pack!
  • ToksToks Posts: 1,143
    Hope you enjoyed tonight mate! God wyndymillat geezer is the most lazy rider in the pack!
    Cheers mate! Oh Yeay Marco is a bit sneaky isn't he. Very good at going on last lap flyers if I recall. Well done it was tough last night
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