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Few riding tips?

Jeff756Jeff756 Posts: 4
I'm planning to teach my kids. They are very much passionate for the riding. Can someone help me with the tips required for this?
Your reply will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance


  • Steve-XcTSteve-XcT Posts: 267
    How old ?

    Biggest tip I can give is avoid accidents early on .... and wait until they are ready mentally and get their balance good by whatever means and it's all FUN.

    Other than that I don't believe there is a best method, even if there are plenty of people who will tell you otherwise!*

    My kid loves challenges so what worked for him is probably different to some other kid. He's also very stubborn so that creates both challenges and a method to get him trying harder... he just has to decide he's going to do something.

    Worst thing I did was start him on a rubbish Halfords Fireman Sam Bike (aged 3).... it was never really used...
    He then to my disappointment had no interest in cycling... but got into scooters

    When he was 5 and started school he saw other kids and wanted a proper bike... so I said if he rode the Fireman Sam without stabilisers.... I took them off he rode the bike down the cul-de-sac opposite, got off and turned around and rode back. (That's it - if I say 2 mins it's longer than it really took because he was just mentally ready and had balance from a scooter and playing at flamingo's (trying to stand on one leg) balancing on logs etc.)

    Next got him a 20" and 2-3 practice runs we set off on the canal topwpath aiming for 10 miles to a pub where Mum would pick him up (and get lunch) .... instead he cycled the 10 miles home (he wasn't some superfit kid back then just normal play)

    Our cycle paths are rubbish.... they don't join up... and tend to end right where the most dangerous bits are so we looked for off-road/traffic free... and stumbled over Swinley after a few places. (It's pretty much 20 mins in a car for us)

    This shaped everything else.... we still ride 90% Swinley when he's not racing but it's just FUN FUN FUN.....

    He entered a local "Open" last weekend with lots of kids who have been taught the "British Cycling Way"... (all must do it this way) and he trashed his age group and his time trial was actually faster than the fastest age group above him...

    Last month he started 81st in a big regional XC with lots of older kids and finished 9th... I don't think he'd have won if he started on the grid as some of the kids are really good and 2 yrs older... but the point is we did EVERYTHING WRONG according to British Cycling ...but iut hasn't had any negative effects. All we have ever done is fun with Dad... with "let's see if we can go a bit longer/faster" .... We have a rule about only resting at the top of hills (reason being then they start off again downhill and even when he was starting out we did this, even if I carried his bike up the hill) (And obviously helmets)

    Make sure you get plenty of food and fluids into them.... start off stopping whenever (but I'd advise always at the top) and then gradually move on and further between breaks...he's still rubbish at some stuff because he won't try (his manuals suck) but he's good enough to have fun!

    He now does complete Swinley Blue+Red route without a break (14km) if we are in a push but usually we still have 2 breaks and sometimes do the red part twice... he likes playing at being a trail guide and planning routes etc. ... it's all part of the fun and let's him push himself.

    No balance bike, no formal club stuff... no specific rules other than helmets and stopping at the top....and having FUN!
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