Sufferfest Angels ERG mode too hard

ronnierocket Posts: 172

Does anyone else out there struggle with Angels when using ERG mode?

I have been unable to finish one since I got my Tack Neo, even though ones like Revolver and even Hell Hath No fury are difficult if doable. So it seems it's not a FTP settings thing?!

Just wanting to know experiences. I used to to it all the time on my dumb trainer but obviously was not pushing enough.


  • I've not had a problem with it and Angels is one of my favourite videos. However I really struggle with HHNF. If you're finding it tough why not lower the percentage by 5%?
  • nicklong
    nicklong Posts: 231
    I find Angels is OK, but struggle with the Rookie in ERG. The constant 10-20 second increases in power knock my rhythm and I end up with Kickr suck.