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Nationwide travel insurance

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Just for a change, I'd like to praise an insurance company...

I get 'free' travel insurance by having Natiowide's Flex Plus account (£10 a month, so not 'free, but part of a really good range of benefits, including Europe-wide breakdown cover, and dangerous sports coverage). Last month I missed a prebooked TGV because of a flight delay, and shelled out another 110€ to get the next train. Phoned up the number as soon as I knew I was going to have to buy the ticket - she said, "Well, we don't normally cover missed trains... but well, it was a connection from a flight... I'll check". A few minutes later "Yes, we'll cover that one, as long as you can get confirmation of the flight delay, and proof of you missing the train and no refund, and cost of new ticket." Two weeks later, and I've got all the paperwork, so phoned up again. "Yes, rereading the case, yes, happy to meet the claim in full." So I asked where to send all the paperwork. She said "Oh, no need, we don't want to waste any more of your time - we can see you don't normally make any claims, the cheque will be in the post tonight."

I didn't think that that was how insurance companies worked.

tl;dr - I like Nationwide.

And a PS - if you're buying SNCF tickets, use Trainline EU (used to be Captain Train, and though now owned by Trainline, still have all the Captain Train structure). They, and their app, are awesome. And within two hours of my email, a real person replied confirming that the ticket I didn't use was non-refundable, and that I'd been registered as a no-show.


  • That's good to know. I have the Nationwide Flex Plus account as well and have claimed on the mobile phone insurance and can confirm that that is also very good. Daughters battered old iPhone replaced with virtually new phone as beyond economic repair.
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