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Sheffield Cycles - Burton

dinyulldinyull Posts: 2,979
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Can anyone please confirm they are still going/open?

Sent them an email last week and have tried ringing a number of times now and can't get any answer.

Wouldn't care, had a 'mare getting in touch with them the only other time I've used them, now I need to return something.


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,741
    As far as I'm aware they're still open, went by a week or so ago and not heard anything to say they've closed. They can be awkward to get hold of as they don't always have staff to answer the phone and serve at the same time, they're not very techno savvy either as no website. Not to bad a shop though.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • dinyulldinyull Posts: 2,979

    Will persevere.
  • sandyballssandyballs Posts: 577
    Popped in today to kill some time waiting for the wife, only 1 bloke in their serving and it looked quite dead. Gone are the pinarellos and the carbon raleighs not much in the good road bike selection at all. Looks ok if you want a BSO for the kids or a commuter.
  • dinyulldinyull Posts: 2,979
    Managed to get through on Friday, after calling 3 or 4 times on wed and thurs each and no response to my email.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,741
    Glad your sorted. Last time i went in they had Trek and Diamondback plus a couple of Ridleys and the BSO,s. Whilst its not the best stocked it serves what the locals want i suppose. I tend to use it for bike wear more than anything because they actually stock clothing unlike some others in the locality. Could certainly do with a revamp or injection of energy.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • dinyulldinyull Posts: 2,979
    I'm not sorted yet haha, have to send something off to them. Hopefully they check the post more often that the phone/email.
  • DeVlaeminckDeVlaeminck Posts: 8,688
    Sounds like they've gone downhill since I bought a Look 585 off them about ten years ago maybe ? They were always very competitive on price and stocked a decent range of bikes back then - when I was thinking of buying a set of Cosmic Carbones they were as cheap as anything on the internet.
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  • sandyballssandyballs Posts: 577
    I've used them since I was at school and they were next to the chippie on new street. Trust me that's a long time ago. It's a shame since I know they are still good cyclists and they do serve a purpose. They definitely had more quality clothing than quality bikes. It seems to be getting a good collection of tat as well though.
  • dinyulldinyull Posts: 2,979
    Finally sorted!!!

    Returned the brakes with a note attached to the front of the box with my number asking for them to contact me asap.

    A week later having heard nowt, had to call them a few times before finally getting through. Agreed upon a refund.

    Week later, still hadn't received the refund, so tried calling a few times without any luck. Ended up sending an email.

    Another week passes, no response to email and no refund so have to call a few times again before getting through.

    Couple of days later I've finally received the refund. Hallefuckinglujah!

    This is all after they forgot to post the brakes to me when I initially bought them.
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