A brief hello!

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Hi guys, nice forum.
I've been googling a lot recently and most of my searches have lead me here so I thought it best to sign up.
My name is chris and I've ridden a single speed bike around london for about 6 years but I moved to Bristol around 8 months ago and the terrain here means that I decided to throw in the towel and get some gears. I bought a cheapo mountain bike but couldn't deal with the sluggish nature of it and lack of hand positions (had bull horns on the single speed).
Anyway, a cheap carrera tdf came up locally so I bought it and whilst I know it's a real bottom end bike, I'm loving the world of drop bars and road riding!
I'm constantly looking to improve technique and learn new things so expect to see me around here asking questions etc.

I currently cycle around 16 miles a day (8 miles each way) to work and back But I'm really looking to push myself and go for a 40ish mile cycle at the weekend. If any of you kind folk are familiar with Bristol and could recommend a nice longish cycle then that would be awesome!



  • 'Hello!'

    That's brief. Yours was an essay 8)
  • Ha ha, my intention was to keep it brief but I got slightly carried away!
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    Hi Chris, Welcome
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    I have nothing but fond memories for my Carrera Virtuosa. only the old upgrade and N+1 bug made me sell.

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  • Thanks for the welcome guys!
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    Hi Chris, looks like you've picked the best time to start, I'm hoping to put the wimter gear away now and am looking forward to the summer.
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