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Canyon Endurace Disc question

DizeeeDizeee Posts: 337
edited March 2017 in Road general
Hi all

Just spent 1.5 hours assembling my bike and sorting through all the bits that come with.

The front is a bolt through apparently, so no QR handle. Never come across this before - am I right in thinking tube that bolts through, threads the other end then tightens with allen key the same end you inserted it? Thats what I have done, feels odd though.

Also rear has a QR handle but I can't release it, it is SO tight. Is that normal?

Last but not lease I want to remove the size sticker on the down tube - looks like its stuck on really well though - am I opening a can of worms with that?

Other than that I seem impressed with what I see. Haven't ridden it yet,.


  • bbrapbbrap Posts: 610
    I think both front and rear are thru axles. What appears to be a QR on the rear is the lever used to unscrew the thru axle. It is basically a lever with a hex stub which locates in the end of the thru axle to tighten it. It will not undo like a normal QR, you basically unscrew it (anti-clockwise). If you pull it hard, the hex stub will come out and you can use it on the front wheel.

    The size sticker is likely to be laquered over. Probably not a good idea to remove it.
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  • DizeeeDizeee Posts: 337
    Thank you. Shame, that sticker is annoying!
  • Hi there, had same issue, the through axles handle does comes off (and there is only one)

    You have to hold the frame and pull it pretty hard, but an assured pull and it'll come out. And use on the front one. Check out the DT Swiss manual in the bumf

    Not immediately obvious, Canyon would be wise to knock up videos showing this more clearly
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