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Dura-Ace 9100 Maximum Casette size...

keith57keith57 Posts: 164
edited March 2017 in Road general
I've just been updating one of my bikes with some spangly DA 9100 bits and pieces.

I've put the DA 11-30 on the back and the one short ride I've done on it on some steep hills shows how nice it will be I think. (Uphill from my house is 22% !!)

However, the LBS has been experimenting and for another customer they found that the new DA rear mech will actually work with the Ultegra 11-32. So ultra-low gears are now avaialble on DA for the 1st time. Not officially sanctioned though for some reason. Should be good for the Zoncolan or the Fred Whitton I reckon... :wink:

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