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Talon 650B - Custom Build

deaderv23deaderv23 Posts: 2
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Just wanted to share my process of getting my first hardtail. After I finished my cyclo-cross I feel like I am missing really fun part of cycling which is Off-road. Of course I do a bit off road with cx, but it's not the same.
So I browsed ebay for hardtail frame and found the one! New Giant Talon 650B 2015 (few little marks, there will be more :D). So after trying few different bikes in the same size i bought it. I don't want to spend fortune on this fun bike, because most likely I'm going to crash it and low-end shimano are easier to replace ,than more expensive stuff. That's the frame:
And for this bike I am planning to use drivetrain, brakes, saddle, stem and wheels of my Carrera Monster Cross (since i don't use it anymore).
I've already moved bb, crank, rear mech, rear brake to Talon's frame. Ordered Rockshox Silver Rl Air Solo 100mm forks,
Easton Havoc Riser Bar, altus shifter. Now just awaiting for parts :P
Oh and I did quick mock up in photoshop, to see how it could look like:

Tell me what you guys think and what crank for 1x10 system would you recommend? Raceface?

Regards :D Updates soon.


  • demelitiademelitia Posts: 59
    Raceface Ride XC crank for the 1 x 10. Got 3 of them on 3 different bikes; a Whippet, Canyon Nerve xc and a Kinesis Maxlight I've built up as a commuter. Never felt the need for anything more fancy/expensive. They're well made, light enough and can come with a narrow-wide ring, as well as a bottom bracket. Great value in my opinion.

    Should be a good, fun build. I suppose the advantage of buying second hand and having the bike already christened is you won't worry too much about having to baby it everywhere.

    I've got no need for it, no time to build it and could do without spending anymore money, but seeing that Carrera is making me look at the Subway I've got hung in the garage (that I'm trying to get rid of :| ) in a completely different way. It just

    Also, your workspace is far, FAR too organised. :D
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