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Dawes Stratos

ducatikidducatikid Posts: 15
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Hi guys, just had a quick read of the April 2017 Cycling Plus and came across the Dawes Stratos article. I received a Stratos from my father in law who had had it from new. It's from 1986-87 and had virtually full Shimano 600 groupset. I stripped it down and sent the frame off for painting and sourced the missing parts of the groupset, i also found a set of NOS Ceramic Mavic rims at my local bike shop.



This is my next project, an original Raleigh Corsa


Lee :D


  • term1teterm1te Posts: 1,462
    You've done a nice job on the Dawes. I like the old 600 group set, I still have 600 hubs on my commuting bike. I think I've changed the rims at least three times, and I clean and re-grease the bearings most years, and they still run as smooth as ever. I first used them on a Dawes bike too.
  • Hello, Can anyone date these pls:
    Stratos 1: Some years ago I got this Stratos frame in 2nd hand . It came with some shimano 105 and 600 ? bits with no wheels. It seems pretty much like the one advertised in 1990 catalog but not exactly the same.
    33458187043_3f007b884f_c.jpgstratos_1 by Xavier Lemercinier, on Flickr
    Now after several successive upgrades, It’s in its 4th life with campag. and Fulcrum racing 5

    Stratos 2 : I got that one more recently – it came with campag. transmission and wheels but these are most probably not original , and the frame has maybe been resprayed ?
    34227749076_a783dd8353_c.jpgStratos_2 by Xavier Lemercinier, on Flickr
    good bikes - I use them to commute now
  • ayjayceeayjaycee Posts: 1,277
    good bikes - I use them to commute now
    Sorry, can't help with the dates but the angle of both of those saddles (and particularly the Brooks) look a bit extreme - are they comfortable?
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  • Your second stratos with campag gear is totally original. Its called stratos ep as it has 1994 campag stratos gears with ergo power EP shifters.... so its a 1994 model.
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