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Belt drive/Nexus slipping - which is the likely culprit?

scrumpydavescrumpydave Posts: 143
edited March 2017 in The workshop
Before I get told off I've been searching the forum which has thrown up some results (notably viewtopic.php?t=12927073) but I'm still not sure about this.

I've been given a Trek Soho with a Gates Carbon belt drive and Nexus 8 speed hub. I've found it slips under heavy load. So is it more likely to be due to the hub or the belt drive?
- the belt is showing signs of wear and it feels a little loose (but I don't know what the correct tension should be)
- the hub shifts nicely and the yellow marks at the back are lined up

I suspect it is the belt, but a new one is expensive and hard to fit.

Any thoughts?
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