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Fat noob needs your help!

nathan.dnathan.d Posts: 8
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Hi all my works c2w scheme is open all these month and I've been toying with the idea of moving from mtb to road bike for the last 6 months but been put of by my size as I weight around 19 stone I'm trying to get back down to 15-16 I was when I started dieting and riding to work 20.9 st that was about 3 months ago. now since I've moved depot(sorry guys bus driver) everyone at my new depot are all roadies but I'm worried that I'll break a road bike because of the skinny wheels and being lighter than a mtb.. I've looked at tourers but they don't seem a nice as a road bike to me and have also looked at cyclocross bikes
So what would you recommend a road bike or cyclocross bike or nothing and stick with the mtb


  • letap73letap73 Posts: 1,608
    You shouldn't break the frame but your wheels would have to be sturdy - this maybe an issue with the stock wheels that come with any road bikes. Get in touch with this guy:

    He will give you good advice - he also posts on this forum.
  • AFAIK most Specialized road frames have a rider limit of 120 Kg which is just shy of 19 Stone so not a million miles away. A decent set of wheels should see you alright to get started.
  • stueysstueys Posts: 1,332
    As everyone has said, pretty much all frames other than the exotic ultra light stuff will be fine, you'll need wheels with more spokes than standard though until the weight dips.

    Good luck with it
  • Hi Fat Noob, I was also once a fat noob and I am no longer fat (24 stone 10 years ago and now at 13). But I still feel like a noob.

    Anyway, when I was at 18 stone I was riding a Specialized Secteur and only once managed to put a wheel out of true by ploughing it into a pothole at 30mph on a downhill. I started on a Specialized Sirrus hybrid but I soon realised that I wanted a proper road bike.

    Good luck with the weight loss :)
  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    The frames ability to hold together under your weight depends how you ride it.
    If you ride smoothly on smooth road then pretty much all frames should be fine.
    If you throw it about and hit potholes then the frame will undergo more stress and is more liable to break.

    Eitherway - 32 or 36 spokes per wheel would be my suggested minimum.
    I would suggest a CX/Adventure/Gravel bike which can take the wider tyres - 28mm road tyres is my suggestion - just because you can keep the pressures at a sensible level whilst still avoiding pinch flats. These types of bikes also come with a wider range of gearing which will be helpful when it comes to hills ...
    I'd also look at a bike with disc brakes - preferably hydrolic - although that's a can of worms - just because it'll help your confidence when braking.

    At the end of the day you need a bike you're comfortable to ride on - and that's more important than what the bike looks like
  • Jerry185Jerry185 Posts: 143
    Great post Nathan, keep us posted with what happens. If you get good, you can say goodbye to your spare cash ;-)
  • Just in case it's relevant IIRC Speedplay cleats have a weight limit so might be worth checking that if change your shoes etc as well as I think it was <14 stone
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