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Inner tube size query

bilsea159bilsea159 Posts: 256
edited March 2017 in Road general
I have just upgraded my tyres to 28mm so do I need to buy new inner tubes, mine state 18 to 23mm. The reason I ask is that I have fitted the tyres and tubes and inflated to 90 psi and they did'nt pop.


  • ZMC888ZMC888 Posts: 292
    You should upgrade the tubes as they'll be a bit too small. However personally I'd just buy new tube that fit and use the old ones as spares. Rarely found a major problem, it's just a few mms.
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Pump a tube up outside the tyre and it will go huge without popping, just like a balloon.
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