Over 7 years work about to be published.

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Hey fellow cyclists, not cycling related, but thought that some of you might enjoy this.

When I'm not commuting/racing/blogging I play bass in a couple of rock bands. One has just finished recording an album which has taken us over 7 years to make and its being released tomorrow (available to pre order today though).

Music is Pink Floyd meets hard rock, kinda pop-prog-hard-rock. The lyrics are quite political, anti war, commentary about the NHS, one reviewer said its a protest album. We even managed to get George Galloway to leave an angry message to Tony Blair :D

We self funded and have spent untold man hours on this project, its involved lots of awesome musicians, we've made sure its as good as it can be. So if you can spare a few quid please help support what we do and buy yourself a copy :-)

Here is the preview:

Review of it here:

You can buy it here:

Cheers for reading!


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    Live the dream fella!

    Some Chilli Peppers in there as well!
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    Hmmm - interesting...

    Generally, I dont like music with a political message - emotional maybe but not political. But then thats probably because most music with such a message is done at the expense of the music. Yours is not and the music sounds pretty good.

    I can see the comparisons to Floyd and really like this. I used to listen to Floyd quite a bit many moons ago. Not sure that music which needs that much effort to listen to is really my thing these days though.

    I may just have to pick the album up and give it a proper listen - I am sure it gets better and better with repeated listening.

    I have to say though that you have without doubt the worst band name though - impossible to google for anything related to you. And the album name compounds this because even together with the band name all you get is hits for High School Musical. You have made yourselves impossibly difficult to find on the web with these two choices.

    Its different to anything else out there that I can think of - truly original and I think I like it. Talented work and clearly alot of effort. I applaud you and wish you every success. I just need to find out if it works for me as a package and I can get into it properly. Definitely worth a spin to find out though.
  • Wot, no vinyl?! :) I quite like it, may well buy.
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    Hey guys

    Many thanks for taking the time.

    The music is a real mix as far as having to be involved with the listening, some is pretty straight forward and easily digestible, other songs are longer with lots of changes, but the changes aren't too challenging, more "rewarding". Some pretty bits, some heavier bits (no screaming or anything like that though) None of it is particularly jazzy or jarring.

    Yes, some RHCP influence on the bass there (but only their earlier stuff mind). :-)

    Yes I know and agree with you about the band name - but IT has been IT for ages, and there is more to life than how searchable you are on the Interweb. You might enjoy this fact - the bands website url is ITBand.tv The main two guys took it upon themselves to register and go with that one without consulting the rest of us... As a cyclist I am someone who suffers with their IT band, so would've told them that the domain name would mixed up with every physio website out there :-D

    If you do buy the album then please do let me know if you like it or not :-)

    Just seen that my favourite song (Path Of Least Resistance) is only available if you get the whole album on iTunes:

    If you go for a physical copy then its worth going for the deluxe one as the cover is a proper book rather than a cheap sleeve and is a really nice thing to have: