The Boy Got All Reved Up

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Took my 12 year old to Revolution Bike Park on Friday for some practise for his first up and coming DH racing this year, it seemed quite a special day signing on turned round and Danny Hart was there, went out side to the car and Joe Smith, Matt Simonds, Elliot Heap and Emyr Davis was parked by us, it was like our British DH Champs.


He rode several of the tracks his fav was Ghetto and main line and to my surprise he found the Freeride track a little dull, he did make one mistake as you come to the finishing area there is a gap jump just before a wooden board walk jump, as he came the gap jump he saw Danny Hart standing on the side of the track and thought DO IT, well he was going a touch to slow and cased it, he was only 6" short but it was plums and a crossbar moment and then caught his mouth on the bars but it was next to nothing bit of a bleeding mouth but stayed on which Danny commented on that he was amazed he hadn't fallen off, but fair play it didn't slow him down and it's one way how to get noticed by two times world champ.