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Garmin 1000 - round routing issues

Cardinal-RedCardinal-Red Posts: 37
edited February 2017 in Road general
Hey all,

Using the Garmin 1000 Round Routing tool to get some good rides in at the minute, around the 30-40 mile distance.

The problem is that in general, the routing "wastes" several miles of good cycling by plotting crazy routes in and out of town. For example, today we had a 32 mile loop, but the last 4 miles were on busy town centre roads getting us home, going in weird loops and odd directions, just to fill the miles. I'd much rather have taken the direct route home (1.3 miles) and spent those extra 3 miles out in the countryside!

Is there a way to plot direct routes or program the unit to follow certain set paths; or is the only answer for us to physically ride out to a certain point and start the round routing there?


  • pastryboypastryboy Posts: 1,385
    It's censored , don't bother with it - you're lucky it hasn't send you down a mud path yet.

    Use the 'popular roads' feature and plan a route on strava instead.
  • wongataawongataa Posts: 906
    With these devices it is usually best to plan a route on a computer, put it on the device and then follow it. Device generated routes can contain dubious sections.
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