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SRAM s350 crankarm bolt

wayne17wayne17 Posts: 32
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Hi there
I have a boardman cx team. The pf30 bearings are sounding rough but I can not remove the sram s350 crankset because the 8mm self extracting bolt is worn. I have got a new sram self extracting kit but I can not remove the retaining cap.I take it this is a left handed thread clockwise to undo. I have tried heating it up with a hairdryer to free the green loctite that seems to be on it but to no avail. Any ideas? The arrows on the retaining bolt (cap) are pointing clockwise but it does not state if it is to tighten or loosen.
Many thanks wayne


  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,386
    The retaining bolt is a regular r/h thread - logically there is no reason for it to be anything else. Try turning it the 'correct' way.
  • Ok will give it a go. I just thought the retaining cap would have been left hand thread so it did not undo when undoing the 8mm self extracting bolt!
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