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Is anyone else having issues with Garmin Connect atm?

bungle73bungle73 Posts: 748
edited February 2017 in Road general
It's basically unusable atm. Clicking on an activity and it takes ages for the full stats to appear, and the map even longer. It keeps getting stuck on some place that looks like America for some reason. And when I try to save the route as a course it just comes up with an error.


  • Nope, uploaded ok for me.......but that was about 1h30m ago..........
    Garmin Connect = shoddy/patchy generally.......
  • bungle73bungle73 Posts: 748
    Actually, I'm talking about trying to access data that is already on there, not uploading.
  • mangliermanglier Posts: 706
    Site is not working for me either. It loads up OK initially but I can't access anything - it tells me that I don't have access authority. I'm seriously thinking of cutting my losses with Garmin (Edge 1000) and getting a Wahoo Elemnt.
  • bungle73bungle73 Posts: 748
    Thanks. So I guess the problem is not at my end then, and I'll just have to wait for then to fix it.
  • My data isn't being synched to Strava consistently. I've had a play around with settings etc but am just leaving it for the moment. There was a recent update and I wonder if that is something to do with it.
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