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Looking for somewhere to rant about EBay

Ross GardnerRoss Gardner Posts: 230
edited February 2019 in The hub
I posted this:

The user startfitness-outlet I recently purchased from them item ID 232077140691

A pair of Gore Element cycling gloves. Now the gloves show up in my purchase history, as "unpaid." This is wrong: I have paid via PayPal. I look and there's a box, "View PayPal Transaction." I click on the box, and takes me to a blank error page.

I check my PayPal account, and it shows the transaction of the gloves, as well as a transaction that is a refunded amount.

I then try to purchase another type of glove, item ID 361722052873

I hit the "Buy Now" box, after selecting my size (M). Nothing happens.

So I contact the seller about this.

I then receive this reply:

"startfitness-outlet is out of the office
Sent:24-Feb-17 17:54

Dear rossgardnergmx,
startfitness-outlet is out of the office until 05/01/2018 and may not be able to respond to your message.
Message from startfitness-outlet:
Thank you, we have received your email, we endeavor to respond to emails within 48 working hours. Our office hours are 9-5 Monday - Friday.
If your query is urgent for example if you wish to cancel or amend an order we would advise you to give us a call on 01670 7000 30 between our opening hours as we cannot guarantee that we would get to your email before the order is dispatched.
We have attached a few common questions below in order to try and solve your query as quickly as possible.
Start Fitness."

2018! What's going on here?

And get banned for it: naming and shaming. Why can't a mod see the context in the post?

First of all, it's a SPECIFIC user that won't take me past the "buy now," so I HAVE to "name and shame."

And a specific user when it came to contacting them. I think being banned on EBay is a right of passage on the Interblag...

I forgot to mention in the post, that I had also tried using their home site, and it still doesn't allow payments from me through PayPal.

I mean I am being idiot, for expecting it to be simple through a community support outlet, and that I had to "send privately" my gripe. But I wanted other users of the site to confirm PayPal not working for this seller.


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