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Trek warranty does not work with Spanish importer.

jjpsdcjjpsdc Posts: 5
edited December 2017 in MTB workshop & tech
In February 2016 I acquired a Procaliber 9.8 here in Portugal. At that time we still had in Portugal Trek representation by the Importer, which unfortunately no longer represents you.
About eight months ago, he jumped some paint from the frame next to the Iso Speed pivot.
I told the store where I bought the bicycle, which informed me that now we would have to contact another store, because they no longer had your representation.
We spoke with with a Trek bike shop here, who immediately made available to send the photos and the process to Spain.
Here comes my huge dissatisfaction with the care provided by these representatives. After so many years and after taking months to give us an answer, this week I got on the phone and I called them myself.
It was then that I was told the least I experienced coming from a brand that I had until recently considered with some prestige.
Your Specialist Technician, as he called himself, told me the following: "The guarantee will not work in this case because what happens in the frame of the bicycle was caused by an external object foreign to the functioning of the equipment.
Throughout my 50 years, I have already bought 7 brand bikes. I do not think I deserved such a response from the brand.



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