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Pennine Cycleway - best direction?

rampaxrampax Posts: 139
edited February 2017 in Tour & expedition
I am back to thinking about the Pennine Cycleway again.
As explained in another thread, the main issue is "train pain" when we reach the end of NCN 68 in Berwick upon Tweed.
Getting from there back to Macclesfield involves 3 different train operators.
Someone suggested riding a further 60 miles to Edinburgh (using NCN 76) which then allows a direct train to Stockport which is close enough to ride home from. That is the current plan.
However, I am wondering if it might be better to get the train pain done at the start of the journey and ride all the way back, north to south. My reason for this is that the distances between potential B&B towns are considerably greater the further north you go. It may be better to cover off the larger distances at the start of the tour when we are still relatively fresh.
All the guides I have found seem to suggest riding south to north.
Is there any good reason NOT to ride north to south?
The A6 Hazel Grove - "Always the worst part of any ride".


  • mrb123mrb123 Posts: 2,591
    The usual reason for going that way is the prevailing wind is South Westerly so more likely to be helping you if you're riding North but of course that's not guaranteed and also means you may have a headwind on the section in to Edinburgh.
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