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My first road bike: Time ZXRS

shredical1shredical1 Posts: 23
edited January 2018 in Your road bikes
My first ever drop bar road bike.

The local LBS did an awesome job with the new build and was a solid experience.

Full gallery here


2013 Time VIP white ZXRS Di2
Full ultegra di2 11 speed build
Time Ergodrive bars
FSA stem (will replace with Pro Vibe S puzzle clamp)
Fizik 3mm performance bar tape
Dura Ace chain
Praxis BB adapter
Specialized Toupe Expert saddle
Ultegra 6800 wheelset
Vittoria Corsa G+ tires

The wheelset is my training set. Will be buying a race set soon.

Very stoked to be riding this and hopefully racing come summer.


  • KoenMKoenM Posts: 95
    It's weird to see such small spacers on such an aero_bike, also your handlebar look rotated to high. Cool frame though!
  • Agreed on the shifters..i felt a wee bit cramped..The reach was the only number that measured off but not a whole lot. Planning on taking it over to the fitter to dial it in proper.
  • High spec for a first bike, nice though!
    Advocate of disc brakes.
  • fat daddyfat daddy Posts: 2,605
    I am more impressed that this is your first road bike and you are already looking at a set of wheels for racing.

    what races you doing ... and what sort of riding were you doing before that got you in to wanting to do road racing ... despite not having a road bike
  • fat daddy wrote:
    I am more impressed that this is your first road bike and you are already looking at a set of wheels for racing.

    what races you doing ... and what sort of riding were you doing before that got you in to wanting to do road racing ... despite not having a road bike

    haha..I think I let my emotions take hold of decision making int his regard. I did try out a bunch of other bikes, sorely wanted (and still do want!) a CAAD12, but the ride on the Time blew me away.

    As for race wheels, am looking at Rolf Prima Ares4 for the race set if they can clear with 25c tires.

    They are wider wheels at 27mm at its max below the braking surface.

    My other drop handlebar bike, my first one ever is a 2015 CAADX that I bought the same year after not having ridden bikes for 6 years. Second ride on it was a cyclocross race. It has seen about 20 rides outside, 15 of them being cyclocross races over the past 2 years. Cross has been the most fun i've ever had thus far on a bicycle, despite the suffering and insanity of it all.
    Learned to ride clipless just before beginning of last season.More comfortable with the crank brothers than I am with the SPD-SL that are on the Time. Mainly to do with ease of unclipping.

    Prior to which I've only had experience on dirt bike riding on trails, motorcycles around twisties and a few track days. Did a ton of bicycle riding growing up in Bangalore, India but on steel MTBs and not in any competitive way whatsoever.

    Have joined up with a local bike racing team and have been going through the process of figuring out body mechanics and approaching the time spent on a bike in a more technical/empirical way, combined with structured training with power at a performance cycling studio with Wahoo kickrs. Pioneer power meter is on order.
    They do plan on introducing us to riding in team strategy, drafting, attacks and sprints before race season in a few clinics.

    As for races am hoping to compete in are the local road racing series and some condos, some gravel grinders for which the CAADX will do duty till cross season. Cat5. Seen some videos of the local races and even Cat5 looks super tough!!
  • flasherflasher Posts: 1,693
    Interesting routing!

  • sandyballssandyballs Posts: 575
    Sorry could not live with that front end and di2 routing, but maybe that's my OCD. Hope it rides well for you though, I do like Time's in general.
  • ayjayceeayjaycee Posts: 1,277
    Nice bike, particularly as it's yourfirst, but you really should get the shop to redo the cabling - it just looks wrong to me and that di2 cable is a disaster waiting to happen as it could be so easily snagged.
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  • shredical1shredical1 Posts: 23
    edited January 2018
    Well its been a fun 3 months with the bike.

    Logged about 700 miles on it including 3 races.

    First Cat4/5 race ended up getting dropped early due to my amateur testosterone driven foolhardiness. The last race ended up placing 22nd in a field size of 45 riders.

    Added Rolf Ares 6 wheels to the mix and also replaced the stem with a Pro Vibe puzzle clamp -7deg one based on my fit and trimmed off the steerer tube.
  • shredical1shredical1 Posts: 23
    for some reason had checked the disable BB code that wasn't showing up the images. Fixed it now.
  • Full on training mode right now on the Cannondale CAADX.

    Jonesning for some dry weather to get some rides in on the Time.
    SOme beautiful fall weather last November in the PNW.

    a pic from a cat 4 race in June of last year...trying to keep up :P
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