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Blackfriar's Bridge to Embankment ramp

secretsamsecretsam Posts: 5,036
edited February 2017 in Commuting chat
Anyone know why this has been closed?

It's just a hill. Get over it.


  • Because of Thames super sewer works isnt it?
  • Lol Temporary! until 2021!!

    Works out nicely for me as I cut across and use Temple Avenue anyway, so hopefully we don't have to wait so fricking long for the lights to change there anymore.
  • j_mcdj_mcd Posts: 473
    I was hoping that they'd re-engineer it in some way as right angle turns just don't really suit bikes that well. But no, of course not, their solution has just been to shift the turn a little further up the road.

    At least the lights stay green for a bit longer now.
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  • rower63rower63 Posts: 1,991
    kingpinsam wrote:
    Lol Temporary! until 2021!!
    it's been open with great fanfare for what feels like 5 minutes and it's now closed for 4 years :roll:
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  • secretsamsecretsam Posts: 5,036
    The left turn off the bridge onto Embankment is nuts. Re-think needed.

    But why can't they put up a sign to explain what they're up to? If gas companies can do it...

    It's just a hill. Get over it.
  • jongingejonginge Posts: 5,945
    Light phasing is still rubbish
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  • dyrlacdyrlac Posts: 751
    I thought brexit meant we didn't have to do the supersewer anymore :wink:

    I now turn up temple ave; I miss my little blackfriars ramp that provided the last bit of interest on the ride in.
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