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Raleigh Banana Roadbike

Biker01Biker01 Posts: 9
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Good Evening Everyone.

Just thought i would post a picture on here of my Banana road bike which i have owned from the 80's .....

Ever since my best friend turned up on his in the 80's i always wanted 1, and his was a custom and i have to say it was very nice and to be honest i wished i had brought it off him ... but never so when i see this brand new 1 in the shop a few years after my friend sold his i had to have it, and that's when i got started in to road bikes, think i racked up many many miles on it and get super fit oh yeah baby lol

Then as i got older i left it in my grandparents shed and got in to cars etc and sadly the bike get left then about 8 years ago i went in the old shed and pulled the bike out and took it to a friend ( a manager at a cycle shop) where he did all he work on it and now it sis in my garage looking good again but a again not riding it ....

It has more gears, coloured tyres, new seat etc

Anyway here is a picture 226656_1061150204331_6722_n.jpg?oh=2a07b79c5458b62c447de902e7d9fab6&oe=593922A4


  • redjeepǃredjeepǃ Posts: 531
    Nice. I always fancied one as well.

    Need to do something about that saddle (and take those tri bars off !).
  • Biker01Biker01 Posts: 9

    Yeah the tri-bar i put on back in the day, looks odd now but was ok back then, and as for the seat the old 1 was too far gone so put a modern 1 on .... i like it to be honest :oops:
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    But but you must be sliding off all of the time?
  • Biker01Biker01 Posts: 9
    That's how i use to ride in that position and found it was good for me (i was a lot younger then) it might cause back pain now days though :lol:
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