Another man down, Sod's law new kit!

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Turning right on a country road, indicated ,moved to position for turn, no on coming and nothing coming from my right, slowed and rolled round until the front wheel just slid away from under me. Took most of it on my right knee the skid in my upper lip. Luckily no damage to teeth just a scrape on lip. Driver of a small flat bed behind me asked if I was ok, dusted myself down , sore knee and glad I had thick gloves on , left hand knuckle sore, sorted brakes out, no damage to lights, garmin etc and carried on,

What hurts the most is my new castelli sorpasso bargain bib tight are holed on that knee! Ouch that really stings.....

Any advice on repairs?

If it were colder I'd have been in my DHB pair, Sod's law....


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    Thats got to hurt :)

    I tried the iron on patch stuff when i did similar a couple of years ago. Couldnt get it to stick.

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    Glad it is the Bibs and not you that got badly holed - but brand new Sorpassos; that's bad luck. Per Phil, wear them with pride/shame (delete as applicable). I must admit the horrid scraps on my road bike's shifter (from about a month old) are a fairly constant reminder that I am not a mix of Peter Sagan and Danny MacAskill and that I need to take care because, it seems, most other road-users do not
  • Did you not learn from my reported trick last Tuesday, that front wheels will randomly lose all grip in February, through right turns (albeit mine was a small roundabout)? ;)

    I was very lucky, my right palm base took most of the impact and from how sore it was, I was really worried I had aggravated my two metacarpal fractures from my Xmas 2013 RTA. But the next day, it was nowhere near as angry, so I've ridden everyday since, albeit last Wednesday was literally 20-odd laps around the block to do ~14 miles!
    Not to mention the bike still functions, despite a few scrapes.

    I've completely eased off carrying speed through 90-degree bends now, typically taking them in 34-20 instead of the 34-15/17 before my spill, even though I've reduced my 38c Marathon Cross back to ~70/77PSI from the silly ~78/83PSI I had them in the few days leading to my fall.

    Good luck on the healing and get back on that horse as soon as you can! :wink:
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    I've completely eased off carrying speed through 90-degree bends now

    ^^ this ^^
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    Yeah, I did read your report and thought how lucky I was being in the sticks on quite empty , mainly straight roads. Wasn't doing any speed at all this morning, nothing you can do when it happens. I purposely didn't pump tyres up either, it was a bit damp and I run 26s on the Pinnacle sentinal 1.

    I'm back on it tonight. Got to get home. Knee is sore and grazed, trout pout has gone down.
    Glad it wasn't a proper face plant. Will be taking it steady on the bends in the pitch black.

    Still smarting about my tights/ badge.