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Which trailer? Burley bee, Thule cougar

tavyabetavyabe Posts: 283

I have a 2 year old and at month old. Since the eldest was 9 months old I've taken him out on the bike every weekend (rear mounted child seat). We've stopped recently as I need to look after the youngest too. As soon as the youngest is able to I want to start taking them both out together so I am researching which trailer with two seats to get. I need one with two seats and that can be used as a stroller/jogger too (we ride to town then walk around in town.

My research has led me to three options:
Thule cougar 2
Burley bee
Croozer kid. For 2

Does anyone have experience of these and any advice to offer? Or even have a used one to sell :)


  • jimwalshjimwalsh Posts: 113
    i have used a burley d'lite and its very good. (i know its not in your list)

    it is sadly unused now though so for sale if you are interested.
  • tavyabetavyabe Posts: 283
    Thanks. Is it a two seater and a stroller/jogger too? What sort of price? Thanks
  • JoshgavJoshgav Posts: 158
    I realised that I've asked a similar question in the commuter forum. Following this thread.
  • natrixnatrix Posts: 1,111
    I used the Halfords one for my two and was very pleased with it. ... ke-trailer

    It was relatively light, quick to attach, easy to fold and folds flat for storage. I used it off road for getting them to the child minders/pre-school 2 or 3 times a week for several years and it was fine. Occaisionaly used it with the stroller attachment which was OK but not great offroad on rough tracks.

    A friend had a Burley which whilst looking sturdier was heavier and trickier to attach. The roof also rotted and needed to be replaced........................
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  • JoshgavJoshgav Posts: 158
    Just picked up an open box Halfords double off Ebay for £65. Hope it does the trick.
  • really impressed with our cougar.
    Use it for everything.
  • really impressed with our cougar.
    Use it for everything.
  • joncomelatelyjoncomelately Posts: 658
    I've got a D'Lite, for our 1.5 year old twins. Great trailer, very visbile and never had any trouble from other road users. Hitch can be a little bit of a faff but I've no experience of other hitches so not sure. The buggy itself is really roomy, with plenty of storage and folds pretty flat. The only trouble is it's a bit too wide to fit through our back garage door on its wheels, but that will soon be remedied.

    IIRC the Cougar is reviewed as a similar trailer with a few differences such as the hitch. At work, so can't check but there should be a review site called something like twowheelingtots that has a head to head comparison that I found really useful when looking, and it has been accurate about the D'Lite so would expect the Cougar comments to be reliable. Personally I didn't want to go lower specc'd than this, and haven't been disappointed. Buying the accessory kits can mount up though, and I'm not sure how young the small baby insert goes down to...
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