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Reap what you sow

mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 764
edited February 2017 in Commuting general
So today I was on my bike, At a junction this guy in a work van (the company shall remain nameless) cut straight across the junction forcing me to brake suddenly. I POLITELY pointed out his mistake and he decided to throw a tirade of profanity and abuse at me.

I let him say what he wanted to say (I was quite a bit bigger than him and had lots of other pedestrians around me so I was not particularly fearful), Before he drove off I told him that I had a camera and not only had I recorded everything including the audio but I would be contacting his boss shortly (I took note of the reg and the company).

Anyway spoke to the boss who was very nice - Very apologetic and sincere. I have forwarded him the evidence and I have suggested that if the guy calls me with a sincere apology then that will be that otherwise the video is going on YT / Facebook / Police website etc.

Not sure if the guy will lose his job but I don't really care - He should have thought about that before calling me every name under the sun after nearly knocking me over by jumping a junction.

Anyway I strongly suspect a call shortly! Is it possible to seem smug over the phone I wonder ?


  • andy9964andy9964 Posts: 930
    mr_eddy wrote:

    Anyway I strongly suspect a call shortly! Is it possible to seem smug over the phone I wonder ?
    Yes. Simply keep repeating "mm-hmm" in a condescending tone.
    That should do it :D
  • fat daddyfat daddy Posts: 2,632
    has he called you yet ?
  • mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 764
    Not yet - Will give the boss another call later to see if he received my footage - It was a fairly large (7mb) ZIP attachment.

    When I talked to him he knew straight away which driver it was so I suspect he has had issues with him in the past - Maybe he will get his walking papers.
  • benws1benws1 Posts: 403
    Doubt it. I'd be surprised if anything much happens.

    The boss of the firm could tell you anything he likes to make you go away. He could even get anyone to ring you and apologise.

    Just get the footage on Youtube. If driver did it this morning, chances are he isn't the most considerate driver around. Who is to say he doesn't do it often?
  • wolfsbane2kwolfsbane2k Posts: 2,979
    Just stick it on YT, report it to the cops and forget about it.
    If the company comes back to you, add the name of the driver to the cops report.
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